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Welcome to QSY!

A haven of sunshine and wide open space in downtown Kitchener

Befriending Our Bodies and Minds

Growing Community

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Upcoming courses & events

Students hang out after class at Queen Street Yoga, laughing and chatting with each other. Queen Street Yoga is a community hub, a great place to meet friends, hit the Kitchener market after our Saturday morning class, and contribute to a thriving local economy.

Friends & Family Week

    Tues, Feb 11 – Mon, Feb 17

Passholders and members can bring a guest to a yoga class, on us!

Don't know a passholder? Buy a single class and you can bring a friend for free!

Click here to see our weekly drop-in yoga schedule.
Drop-in only, not valid for yoga or meditation courses.

Two yogis stand in a yoga posture, warrior two, with their arms in the shape of a heart for a Valentine's Partner Yoga workshop in downtown Kitchener.

Valentine's Yoga <3

    Both begin at 7:30pm

This year, Valentine's Day is a whole weekend!

Candlelit Restorative Yoga & Chocolate -
Friday, February 14
Enjoy a luxurious restorative yoga class, decadent chocolate, and soothing candlelight. Treat yourself to some loving self-care, or invite a friend or sweetheart to come and relax with you.

Valentine's Partner Yoga -
Saturday, February 15
A creative way to connect with your sweetie and have double the fun in your yoga practice. We will do light-hearted poses redesigned for two and help each other experience deeper stretch and strength.

a line up of yoga mats and props are set up in a sunny yoga studio in downtown Kitchener.

Deluxe Restorative Yoga: a Day Retreat at QSY

with Nicole DeNoble + Natasha Allain     Saturday, February 29th     10:00am – 5:00pm

This Restorative Day Retreat will include:

  • a catered vegetarian lunch from The Working Centre,
  • long, luxurious restorative yoga practices, including a chakra-centred practice and a relaxing sound bath with crystal singing bowls, and,
  • tips and sequences for taking your restorative practice home and on the road to improve self-care and stress management.

The day retreat is open to everyone; no prior yoga experience required.
Click here to save your spot.

Students rest in a Constructive Rest pose towards the end of a vigorous yoga class. One of Waterloo's most well-known studios, Queen Street Yoga has been offering yoga and meditation courses for over 10 years.

Yoga for Mental Health Support

    March 2020 – 7-weeks

These classes focus on internal sensing, breath awareness, and reclaiming choice in your body, and is less about form or technique. Absolutely everything in the class is optional, and the practice is beginner-friendly.

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression
/ begins Tues, March 10 at 7:45pm
Bi-Weekly Yoga for Trauma Recovery
/ begins Wed, March 18 at 6:00pm

Sliding scale pricing is available for this (or any) course to make it more accessible for people with low income. Please email to inquire.

Studio Director Leena demonstrates a key action in Trikonasana pose in a full yoga class. Our teaching includes thoughtful demonstrations of key principles and poses, helping students learn about their bodies through the practice of yoga.

Intro to Yoga

    March 2020

New to yoga? This is the spot for you. Our Intro to Yoga courses are great for brand new beginners, those restarting their practice after a long break, and anyone new to practicing alignment-based yoga.

Bring a friend, we'll see you on the mat!

Mondays at 7:45pm / begins March 9
Tuesdays at 6:00pm / begins March 10
Saturdays at 10:00am
/ begins March 21

Click here to read more about what this course will offer over 7-weeks.

Intro to Yoga for Men

with Nicole DeNoble     Thurs, March 12 at 7:45pm     7-weeks

This Intro to Yoga course is specifically for men and male-identified people.

Learn fundamental poses and key principles of alignment to increase strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility. Extra emphasis will be placed on hamstring, quad, and shoulder mobility. Classes will build progressively from week to week to grow your skills and understanding. You will also learn to release tension and reduce stress with simple breath awareness and restorative yoga poses.

Register here!
Brand-new beginners welcome!


I am in love with the studio and vibe of kindness and self-love at QSY. After trying several studios in the region, I know QSY is the right place for me as I am really enjoying being part of the community. My well-being has improved so much with this past month of unlimited yoga.

Kelly J

Taking up yoga has been the best decision I have made for myself. I can't believe how much more movement I have and I know I need to continue in order to have lots more movement. I had a pulled groin muscle and with stretching it correctly it is now fixed for the first time in two years. Unbelievable! I continue to stretch to get even more flexibility. I'm loving it. Thanks to you! You are awesome.


QSY is a unique and special place that embodies everything I could have hoped for as I embarked on my own personal yoga journey. It is a beautiful space that is warm, inclusive and accepting. From the second I walked into the reception area I knew this was a special place. Whether it be their careful choice of non-gendered language or the bathroom door reminders that all bodies are welcome here, their attention and commitment to social justice, inclusivity and issues of systemic oppression is clear.


Your Intro to Yoga course has made a huge impact on my life. I feel that I am learning the best technique, I am sleeping through the night, have very little back pain now, and what I have learned in your classes carries over into my life in many ways, in particular, into my violin teaching. So….my students are benefitting as well. Most of all, I feel more connected to myself, to people around me and to the earth.

Olga K

I just want to thank you SO much for all the energy and passion you put into teaching yoga. I have been doing yoga off and on for the past three years, but this past year was the best. Yoga has made me feel so alive and in-tune with my body and soul. Thanks for creating a rich learning environment!


Leena, your ability to inspire and teach should not go unmentioned. What I have learned through you is unmeasurable. I am continually inspired by your energy, your enthusiasm, and your ability to create a comfortable and non-competitive learning environment. Thank you for your guidance and dedication to the practice.

Brian S.

Emma, I just wanted to thank you so much for your approach, your inclusivity, and the difference you made in me. I was very apprehensive about doing yoga (formally) because I was afraid of judgment, of my lack of ability, of a million things. I'm extremely fat-positive, active, and open, but I get stopped up really easily with criticism from others. I got so much from attending your classes at Queen Street Yoga over the summer. Not only was I challenged physically, but when I was/am unable to do something, I always felt encouraged by you in a completely non-judgmental, non-patronizing way. I did not expect to find this kind of safety in doing yoga formally at a studio. You do an amazing job of what you do and I hope your approach never changes.

Katie C.