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Upcoming courses & events

30 day challenge, yoga in boat pose, floating feet. Join in a 30-day challenge of yoga practice self-care and community.

30-Day Challenge

    October 1, 2018

Show up for yourself, show up for community.

From October 1st - 30th, join us in a 30-day challenge of yoga practice, self-care, and community. 

Track your goals with one of our sticker charts and explore different ways to connect with yourself, with movement and your community. Get a hand-drawn challenge calendar at the studio, or print one at home.

Add your name to our studio sticker chart to track your progress coming to classes at QSY!

Low-Back Relief: a Workshop

with Stephen Filipowicz     October 21, 2018     2:00pm – 4:00pm

Low-back pain can affect any of us, for a wide variety of reasons. Rather than suffering through low-back issues, you can gain tools to mitigate and address the root causes. In this workshop we will look at exercises and simple changes in posture that have proven effective for reducing or eliminating low-back pain.

Learn about:

  • Core muscle support: how to locate, activate, and strengthen these muscles
  • Neutral pelvic position and its benefits
  • Functional movements that can prevent low-back pain
  • Common postural patterns that may cause low-back pain

Click here to register for $30+hst!

Intro to Yoga, red fall poppies

Intro to Yoga

Sundays, Oct 14 - Nov 25, 7:30-8:45pm with Marg (call us to join second week)
Thursdays, Nov 1 - Dec 13, 7:45-9:00pm with Monica
Saturdays, Nov 3 - Dec 15, 10:00-11:15am with Marg
Mondays, Nov 5 - Dec 17, 6:00-7:15pm with Monica

7 weeks for $115

Our pre-registered Intro to Yoga courses are great for brand new beginners, those restarting their practice after a long break, and anyone new to practicing alignment-based yoga. The focus is on standing poses and key principles of alignment to increase strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility.

Brand-new beginners welcome! Click the links above to register.

yoga for anxiety & despression with Marg Hull, cotton candy coloured sky.

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression

with Marg Hull

Mondays, Nov 5 - Dec 17, 7:45-9:00pm (7 wks for $115)

Using simple yoga postures, breath awareness, meditation, and mindfulness, this course aims to help you deepen your mind/body connection, move through stuck emotions, create new mental patterns, and bring new awareness into your life. You may discover techniques that help increase groundedness, calmness, and emotional well-being.

Beginners welcome. Click the link above to register.

Our classes are intended to be a complement to, but not a replacement for, professional mental health support.

self-care for the heart & mind, mindfulness meditation with amanda ingall, blue and coral sunset over misty evergreen landscape

Self-Care for the Heart & Mind: Mindfulness Meditation

with Amanda Ingall

Mondays, Nov 5 - Dec 17, 7:45-8:45pm (7 wks for $115)

Using mindfulness practices and guided meditation, this class will help you establish a heart-centered approach to life. Learn different ways of relating to perfectionism, cultivating self-compassion, and reducing stress, and find new perspective on the challenges in your life.

Beginners and more experienced meditators are all welcome. Click the link above to register.

Parent & Peanut Yoga, an assortment of baby pumpkins

Parent & Peanut Yoga

with Julie Zettel

Tuesdays, Nov 6 - Dec 18, 9:30-10:45pm (7 wks for $115)

Come practice yoga with your baby in a supportive environment. This is a 7-week, pre-registered course for parents/caretakers and their babies. A great way to get out of the house with your little one and enjoy some gentle exercise to take care of your body and connect with your baby.

Beginners welcome. Click the link above to register.

Intro Level 2, sun bright sky with red maple leaves

Intro Level 2

with Leslie Stokman

Tuesdays, Nov 6 - Dec 18, 6:00-7:15pm (7 wks for $115)

A continuation of our Intro to Yoga course for those who enjoy learning progressively from week to week. Deepen your understanding of the principles of alignment and build your repertoire of poses. Build your strength steadily, discover balance, and learn creative transitions between poses. Classes also incorporate breathing techniques and restorative poses to release tension and reduce stress.

For students who have previously taken Intro to Yoga or have 2+ months of yoga experience. Click the link above to register.

sunlite leaf, yoga for dynamic aging

Yoga for Dynamic Aging

with with Emma Dines

Tuesdays, Nov 6 - Dec 18, 6:00-7:15pm (7 wks for $115)

A progressive series of classes to help you hone your balance, build strength, and gain flexibility. We will focus on foot health, building strength for bone density (specifically hips), core and pelvic floor strength, and improving functional movements like getting up and down from the floor, climbing stairs, carrying things, and walking.

All levels and abilities welcome. Please note our studio is on the 3rd floor without an elevator. We apologize for this barrier to accessibility. Click the link above to register.

strong mamas, reclaim your core, ferns

Strong Mamas: Reclaim Your Core

with Kris Lekin

Tuesdays, Nov 6 - Dec 18, 8:00-9:00pm (7 wks for $115)

Regain core strength after childbirth (whether recent or many years ago). Learn functional movements and strength building to tone your whole body. Classes will also incorporate the use of small weights, targeted stretching, and time to relax.

This course will build on the foundations learned in Deep Core Recovery after Childbirth, but you're welcome to join it as a stand-alone course if you feel well recovered postpartum. All genders and non-mamas are also welcome. Click the link above to register.

prenatal yoga, purple flowers violets

Prenatal Yoga

with Julie Zettel

Wednesdays, Nov 7 - Dec 19, 7:30-8:45pm (7 wks for $115)

Prenatal yoga will leave you feeling strong, relaxed, and more connected to yourself and your baby. Julie’s gift is creating a supportive community to help you prepare your body and mind for birth, and learn to relieve discomfort and build strength with yoga.

Beginners welcome. Click the link above to register.

three yogis, 3 different hip mobility yoga postures in a sunny yoga studio.

Magically Hip: a Yoga Workshop

with Leslie Stokman     November 18, 2018     2:00pm – 4:00pm

If moving well in life or in your yoga practice feels challenging because of limitations in your hips, or you just want to feel a little freer, this workshop is for you.

Explore a fuller potential of movement in your hips through a variety of classic yoga poses, strengthening moves, mobility exercises, and gentle stretches. Learn how better mobility in your hips may alleviate low-back issues and help you improve posture in your everyday life.

2+ months yoga experience recommended. Click here to register for $30+hst!
Trial Membership at QSY! Move, breathe, stretch, and strengthen with us in one of over 20 weekly drop-in yoga classes. 30 days of unlimited yoga for $45.

Trial Membership at QSY

Trial Membership: $45 for 30 days of unlimited drop-in yoga classes PLUS lots of perks:

  • Over 20 drop-in classes to choose from each week for all levels, including both challenging and beginner-friendly options
  • 2 guest passes to bring friends who have never been to our studio
  • $10 off a yoga mat purchase
  • $20 off a 60-minute Massage with our RMTs (new clients only)
  • $40 off your first month of our Monthly-Unlimited Membership or $20 off our Monthly-5 Membership when you sign up during your Trial.

Purchase it here!

Chakra Meditation

with Amanda Ingall

Mondays, Oct 15 - Nov 26, 6:00-7:00pm (7 wks for $115)
Call us to join during the second week!

In this 7-week meditation course, Amanda will introduce you to the symbolism, imagery, and inner experience of the seven Chakras. These energetic centres are at the core of your body, and their flow of energy can influence your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Amanda will use a gentle approach, combining meditative awareness with guided imagery, movement, sound, symbolism, and discussion. This course will offer basic meditation skills, which can then be enhanced by the framework and practices of the Chakras.

New and experienced meditators are welcome. Call us to register.

Restorative Immersion: a Yoga Retreat in the City

with Leena Miller Cressman and Emma Dines

November 9 to 11, 2018 (Friday evening 7-9pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-5pm)

Sold out! Give us a call to join our wait list. 

Restorative Yoga can help you reduce stress and improve your physical mobility, mental well-being, breath awareness, and quality of sleep. Our Restorative Yoga Weekend Immersion will help you deepen your practice and understanding of a wide array of postures, relaxation and meditative techniques, nervous system function, breath physiology, and energetics. The Immersion will be deeply rejuvenating, with lots of opportunities to practice techniques and to restore your body and mind. It will give you a solid foundation to improve stress management and bring self-care practices into your life.

The weekend immersion is open to anyone; no advanced yoga skills required. You can read more on our website, or if you're ready to book your spot, click here to register for $275.

The Tensegrity Repair Series

with Monica Sheridan

Thursdays, Oct 11 - Nov 22, 6:00-7:15pm (7 wks for $115)
Call us to join during the second week!
You can make up your missed session in any of our drop-in classes.

The Tensegrity Repair Series is a sequence of movements designed to restore balanced tone and healthy range of motion to the muscle and connective tissue matrix of the body. These movements can help you hone your proprioception (your sense of where your body is in space), improve interoception (your internal sensing of your body), and promote deep relaxation.

This class is ideal for all levels of experience and is especially ideal for those seeking a gentle approach to regain mobility and recover from imbalances due to injuries and overuse.

This class is great for beginners or intermediate students.
Give us a call to register.

Where to park by QSY

2 hours of FREE street parking is available on King Street and on Joseph Street.

Green P surface parking lots
- Monday - Friday: FREE after 5:00pm
- Monday - Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm $2.25/hr
- Sunday - FREE

Charles & Benton parking garage
- Monday - Saturday: First 2 hours $3.20
- Sunday: FREE

Students of all shapes and sizes practice Warrior 2 in a class at Queen Street Yoga.

Sundays at 6:00pm | $5 Basics

    6:00pm – 7:00pm

Interested in gently easing into yoga? This is the class for you. Bring a friend!

Taught by recent graduates from our 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training program. Bring $5 cash or use your current yoga pass/membership. No one turned away for lack of funds.


I am in love with the studio and vibe of kindness and self-love at QSY. After trying several studios in the region, I know QSY is the right place for me as I am really enjoying being part of the community. My well-being has improved so much with this past month of unlimited yoga.

Kelly J

Taking up yoga has been the best decision I have made for myself. I can't believe how much more movement I have and I know I need to continue in order to have lots more movement. I had a pulled groin muscle and with stretching it correctly it is now fixed for the first time in two years. Unbelievable! I continue to stretch to get even more flexibility. I'm loving it. Thanks to you! You are awesome.


QSY is a unique and special place that embodies everything I could have hoped for as I embarked on my own personal yoga journey. It is a beautiful space that is warm, inclusive and accepting. From the second I walked into the reception area I knew this was a special place. Whether it be their careful choice of non-gendered language or the bathroom door reminders that all bodies are welcome here, their attention and commitment to social justice, inclusivity and issues of systemic oppression is clear.


Your Intro to Yoga course has made a huge impact on my life. I feel that I am learning the best technique, I am sleeping through the night, have very little back pain now, and what I have learned in your classes carries over into my life in many ways, in particular, into my violin teaching. So….my students are benefitting as well. Most of all, I feel more connected to myself, to people around me and to the earth.

Olga K

I just want to thank you SO much for all the energy and passion you put into teaching yoga. I have been doing yoga off and on for the past three years, but this past year was the best. Yoga has made me feel so alive and in-tune with my body and soul. Thanks for creating a rich learning environment!


Leena, your ability to inspire and teach should not go unmentioned. What I have learned through you is unmeasurable. I am continually inspired by your energy, your enthusiasm, and your ability to create a comfortable and non-competitive learning environment. Thank you for your guidance and dedication to the practice.

Brian S.

Emma, I just wanted to thank you so much for your approach, your inclusivity, and the difference you made in me. I was very apprehensive about doing yoga (formally) because I was afraid of judgment, of my lack of ability, of a million things. I'm extremely fat-positive, active, and open, but I get stopped up really easily with criticism from others. I got so much from attending your classes at Queen Street Yoga over the summer. Not only was I challenged physically, but when I was/am unable to do something, I always felt encouraged by you in a completely non-judgmental, non-patronizing way. I did not expect to find this kind of safety in doing yoga formally at a studio. You do an amazing job of what you do and I hope your approach never changes.

Katie C.