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Integrating Stress & Tension with TRE: a Day Retreat

Integrating Stress & Tension with TRE: a Day Retreat
$140+hst (lunch is included)

Saturday, March 21, 9:30am - 4:30pm

Join Leslie for day to learn and explore TRE: Tension & Trauma Release Exercise. This self-healing practice can help reduce stress and body tension, creating more ease and resilience in our physical, mental, and emotional lives.

The technique of TRE induces bodily shakes or vibrations, called neurogenic tremors, indicating that they stem from and involve your nervous system. Our day will focus on developing these self-induced and therapeutic tremors, and also on self-regulation: knowing how much is enough and how to slow things down while remaining present to your experience. We will explore a little bit of theory behind TRE, connect over a catered lunch, and finish the day with some restorative yoga.

While many adults have forgotten about or suppressed this intrinsic ability, other mammals tremor quite naturally after stressful or traumatic events, and it is still common for young children and birthing mothers to spontaneously shake. TRE is a reliable and safe way to reconnect with and regulate ourselves.

Note: TRE is contraindicated (not appropriate) for you if you are currently pregnant or have had abdominal surgery in the last 3 months. Individuals with certain psychiatric conditions will also be outside Leslie’s scope of practice as a Certified TRE Provider.

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