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Join Us for Virtual Classes!

We're running a virtual schedule of live-streamed drop-in classes. Below, find information on how to access these sessions, buy passes, and check out our week-at-a-glance schedule.

Buying Virtual Class Passes

We have four new options for our online community. Click on their titles to set yourself up with virtual class passes. These passes won't expire, so if this situation lasts longer than we're all hoping, we'll be right there with you!

Note: for folks with existing class passes: your current pass is valid for our virtual classes, but you can choose to save it for later when it is safe to attend classes in person again. If you buy one of these virtual passes, your virtual pass will be used before your regular pass.

Want to just try one class before committing? Click here.

Accessing Virtual Classes

Once you have some passes on your account, you can reserve a spot in our classes:

  • Click here to pick a class and reserve access. You can sign up for classes up to 30 minutes before it begins. (Note: if you need a little extra guidance, detailed instructions can be found here.)
  • Approximately 20 minutes before class begins, check your email for a link to your class. When you click this link, a program called Zoom will take you to the class!

Notes for a successful practice:

  • You will need to be able to see and hear us, so any computer or laptop with speakers will work, but so will a smartphone or tablet.
  • After class, we are taking time for a check-in to say hello to one another and answer any questions you have. You can chat with us by typing, but if you have a webcam and/or microphone, we'd love to see and hear you, too!
  • For tips on setting up your home practice space, click here.

Schedules At-A-Glance

Remember to reserve your spot HERE.

Mon, Mar 30
12:00pm VIRTUAL Hour Flow
5:30pm VIRTUAL Slow Flow

Tues, Mar 31
12:00pm VIRTUAL Hour Flow
8:00pm VIRTUAL Slow Flow

Wed, Apr 1
9:30am VIRTUAL Basics
8:00pm VIRTUAL Strength & Mobility Flow

Thurs, Apr 2
12:00pm VIRTUAL Hour Flow
6:00pm VIRTUAL Basics Flow & Restore

Fri, Apr 3
9:30am VIRTUAL Basics
5:30pm VIRTUAL Hour Flow

Sat, Apr 4
10:00am VIRTUAL Strength & Flow

Sun, Apr 5
9:30am VIRTUAL Slow Flow

Remember to reserve your spot HERE.

Using Zoom - a Virtual Meeting Place

We use the application Zoom to host our virtual classes.

  • You can download Zoom here.
  • If you didn't already download Zoom, you will be prompted to do so when you click the link to your first virtual class with us. Watch this video to see how it works.
  • If you want to be able to chit-chat after class, learn how to configure your audio and video by watching this video.